Lemon Pasta with Chicken

IMG_8044One of the great thing about friends is that you have common interests. I have friends who post, or rather, re-post recipes they see on social media, but I’ve never known them to cook! So, I steal (another great thing about friends is they don’t mind this) those recipes and try them out for myself. I usually end up posting the results myself which may partly explain the long intervals between my posts here (but that’s another story)!

This recipe has become one of my favorites for a zesty, quick dinner. We usually have these ingredients in the fridge, and most people have some sort of pasta in their pantry at all times if they like pasta at all and can cook well enough. Hover your cursor over these photos to view captions.

I use the Crock-Pot regularly to cook my frozen chicken. It saves from under- or overcooking the chicken every time; it also prevents the kitchen from warming up especially now that it’s summer! I like buying my frozen chicken from Costco to save money and always have some in the freezer ready for a last minute recipe.

Oops! I forgot to chop up the chicken before adding it back!

Yup, I had to take the spinach off! I used cooking tongs to remove the chicken and hold the piece while I chopped it, then put it back in the pan. At least, it’s not like baking! You can fix most mistakes before the end, and it generally comes out the same taste-wise (according to the family, anyway)! Hover your cursor over these photos to view captions.

Ready to plate!

Try it and tell me what you think of the result!

Here’s the recipe: http://www.delish.com/cooking/recipe-ideas/recipes/a47922/lemon-butter-chicken-pasta-recipe/


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