Herb Chicken and Mushrooms

Photo by M. Sandoval

Ah, mushrooms! Delicious. I used to put them in everything–all of my pasta dishes, rice dishes, raw in salads…then I had kids, and my taste changed. It’s finally back, mostly. I still can’t eat pickles or tomatoes like I used to, but mushrooms are back on the menu.

Shallots replace onions in most of the recipes that I test. This recipe also called for dried tomatoes, so I used sun-dried tomatoes, 2-3 cut up with kitchen shears. It came out very nicely! I’ve tried it with rice and again with fettuccine, and found I like it much better with rice. The pasta tends to dry up too quickly and makes the leftovers less than ideal.

I also sautéed the cremini mushrooms with olive oil, the garlic, and shallots to give it a better flavor while leaving the white mushroom as-is to see if there would be a better texture in the outcome. The frozen chicken was cooked on High for 4 hours ahead of time in the Crock-Pot with salt and pepper and then chopped and transferred over to the pot with the veggies (we actually invested in a second Crock-Pot to save time and not have to wash it to finish recipes) and cooked on High for 2 hours. Comment if you tried this or made any of your own adjustments or substitutions and how it came out!

Here’s the recipe I tried: http://www.midwestliving.com/recipe/herbed-chicken-and-mushrooms/


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