Peanut Butter Overnight Oats

I stumbled across this recipe one day while looking for a particular recipe I had seen for overnight refrigerator oats. The overnight oats phenomenon seemed to have quieted down and while I had tried a couple recipes, apple-cinnamon oatmeal and vanilla-banana (or something like that), I thought I’d give it another shot as well as having my man try some out.

I never found the original post I was looking for, but am thankful for this discovery as it’s Mike’s new favorite office breakfast/snack! I have the Apple Pie outcome on a previous post and while it was good, we were amazed out how delicious the peanut butter recipe is (I, personally, leave out the chia seeds–can’t deal with the slim and digging them out of my teeth)!

This recipe is relatively easy to put together and I prefer to prepare them for the week to minimize the mess. The key is to have the containers lined up. We use two-cup storage bowls putting two servings in each. That’s going to get you through most mornings! I fill the containers with the dry ingredients and only add the syrup and soy milk the night before. The peanut butter is shamefully messy when I’m measuring it. You could probably eyeball the two tablespoons per serving, but I’m in the habit of using the measuring spoon.

Here’s the gang all set for a night in the fridge!


Top it off with your favorite fruit (here we have dried strawberries; Mike’s favorite is sliced bananas–yum!) and you have a very sophisticated PB&J!

Here’s the recipe I tried out:

Peanut Butter Overnight Oats


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