Turkey Meatball Phơ


Noodle soup is the perfect dinner for me after a long drive between states. It not only satisfies the I’m-not-hungry-but-need-to-eat-something-before-I-crash-for-the-night-so-I-don’t-wake-up-hungry-and-everything-is-already/still-closed dilemma, but it also does a great job of rehydrating me.

We have our favorite Pho place, but I wanted to try making it at home since I’ve used all of the ingredients before in other recipes.

Finding the right noodles was a little confusing. I’m pretty sure these noodles are cooked by restaurants and then removed from the liquid until they’re ready to serve because my noodles ended up disintegrating in the soup when I tried cooking some flavor into them! It was still delicious, just not as pretty as I’m used to.

Ingredients here are really like a Hot Pot; the amount is by taste. You can find some sort of rice noodles at most grocery stores. I found some dried rice noodles that came in a bag. For the soup, I made six cups of broth using water and Better-Than-Bouillon chicken stock (check the label for the appropriate proportions) and then added my favorite Asian cuisine veggies.

Straw mushrooms


Water chestnuts


Spinach and…

My Turkey Meatball recipe can be found and is also used in the Crock-Pot Beef Stew with dried cilantro added to give it a more Asian than Italian flavor.

Try it and tell me how it goes!


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