Simple Fried Eggs

fried eggs

There’s really no excuse for fast food in the morning for me unless I’m going out of town AND I need to go to the store for eggs. I’ve made eggs for breakfast every morning since I was pregnant. I didn’t know it then but I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Eggs were the only thing I could keep down in the morning…for seven and a half months. The rest of the day was another story!

Plain omelet, fried eggs, sunny-side up, scrambled…all relatively simple. For fried eggs, start with two eggs, crack them open into your heated (medium-high) pan that is coated with olive oil, breaking the yolks; I usually drag the edge of the shell across them if they didn’t break on their own. Add salt and pepper to taste.

If you wait until you’re done cooking to add salt and pepper (the reason some people have salt and pepper shakers on their dining table), you’re going to have to put up with the gritty feel between your teeth of the salt and possible sneezing fit from the pepper. I’ve watched cooking shows since I was little, religiously when I was in high school and college over 20 years ago. The chefs always add salt and pepper while cooking. If I remember correctly, it’s to “enhance the food’s natural flavor.” I never used to season my food with salt hoping to avoid hypertension later in life, but it turns out I have low blood pressure, so I definitely keep to proper (according to the chefs’ recommendations) seasoning now!

Like pancakes, flip the eggs when the edges dry out. The eggs are done when there is no wet/jiggly parts left. I have bacon on the side which cooks marvelously on one of those microwave bacon plates, one minute per slice for perfectly crisp bacon. The spinach was wilted in olive oil after heating the minced garlic and shallots. This leaves a nice flavor in the pan to cook the eggs.

I recommend cooking the bacon first, then the spinach, and finally the eggs. The bacon needs a little time to cool off; the spinach cooks quickly, and the eggs get cold easily.

Try this and tell me what you think!

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