Mike’s Guacamole


Mike and I have been experimenting with guacamole recipes trying to make the perfect one. Since I moved to Sacramento a year and a half ago, I have rediscovered guacamole, but it seems the more places I try it, the more picky I become about it; especially since I so very much dislike onions, and onions are one of the main ingredients. There is an interesting mango guacamole (ridiculously priced) we found at Mango’s Taqueria & Cantina in San Francisco, but as soon as I crunched into a piece of onion larger than 1/4 inch, I lost my appetite! A mouthful of onion juices…bleck! And the taste sticks for hours.

It may have been Chipotle’s guacamole (in Las Vegas) that got me hooked, but I’ve since noticed that they are inconsistent (Las Vegas and locations in Sacramento, at least) with the size of their chopped onions (salty lime tortilla chips are especially good with their guac, though). Dos Coyotes, although seems mostly made of avocados, it is somewhat pasty which I would venture to say it’s blended rather than mashed by hand (as in the photo above which my son helped with. Good job, kid!) and possibly has water added.

I have been tolerating onions in the restaurant guacamole that we have tried or I have eaten around them. Some restaurants use just onions and lime juice, some just tomatoes and lime juice, but the lime juice always seems to be scarce and the onion a filler since it’s inexpensive but adds some sort of flavor. There are restaurants which use so much onion that you can rarely get a bite without a chunk of onion, a clear example of “you get what you pay for”. A lot of onion is great for those who love onions, but I still would expect a balance in flavors from a restaurant food. With all that said, I do love garlic and shallots having a garlic-onion flavor have made a great substitute for onions in my cooking.

So Mike invested in a molcajete or mortar and pestle (I linked below where we got ours) which works marvelously. We tried the traditional ingredients, and then ventured out using tomatillos, Anaheim peppers, Serrano peppers, and finally bell peppers. Tomatoes have been making my tastebuds swell (which probably has to do with my allergies or immune system), so we’ve substituted red bell pepper for color. It has a milder flavor than the tomatillos which were good, but can overpower the avocado flavor. The abundance of lime juice keeps the guac tasting fresh as well as helping it keep its bright color. Here is his latest attempt which is, so far, my favorite (even my daughter loves it)!

guac ingredientsIngredients:

6 avocados, smashed

6 limes, juiced

3/4 red bell pepper, chopped

One whole shallot, chopped finely

Handful of cilantro, chopped

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt to taste (depending on how salty your chips are)

mortar and pestle



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