East Coast Feel on the West Coast

Since I’ve been out of town, let me change things up a little. This will be a review on a restaurant that I had a great experience in. We went to the coast after taking the kids to the Reptile Expo in Santa Rosa and ended up letting the kids play in the sand until sunset. We were starving by then as it was past dinnertime, and the businesses were few and far between, some already closed for the day.

The internet service was surprisingly functional while we searched the area for a place fitting for our interests and cut out as we ventured out. Luckily, the GPS still worked. We found the restaurant we decided on down the road, clearly marked with large signs, hurrying inside to warm up. The place, Fishetarian, boasted Clam Chowder, gluten-free in fact, which sounded amazing, but we ultimately chose different dishes than one another.


Here you see my cod tacos, likely pan-fried topped with red (and green) cabbage, cilantro, scallions, and their chipotle mayo, avocado slices, and a squeeze of lime juice. I did not add the pico since I can’t eat tomatoes right now and I very much dislike onions (I’m sure it was fantastic, though). I know I was hungry, but these were amazing! Light, tangy, fresh, but filling. I didn’t even notice the scallions! Very good!

I washed it down with a bottled organic iced sweet tea.


This was so cute! The kids both ordered the Grilled Cheese & French Fries (sweet potato fries) which came with cheese fish-shaped crackers and a fish-shaped graham cracker. They had a pint carton of the local brand milk on the side.


Mike ordered the Fish & Chips. Doesn’t that look scrumptious? I believe they use gluten-free panko “breadcrumbs”. He had a cold bottle of ginger beer with his.

*I neglected getting a picture of the Clam Chowder! It was good!

They have quite a selection of bottled drinks in refrigerators taking up one side of the restaurant which seemed to be set up similar to a deli with a line to order, limited bistro seating, and a small retail area which included souvenir shirts (which you can get a free  cup of chowder with any purchase every time you return wearing them from what I understand).


There was an extension with more seating (tables for two) and also outside seating with heaters, but the kids were still trying to warm up as it was. While we waited for our food, we waited for a table to open up inside.

The staff was friendly and kind letting my son ring the “panic” bell and crab bell multiple times as they were closing up and we were finishing up our dinner checking on us every now and then. Most of the other customers had cleared out by the time my son was ringing the bells. The kids had plenty of leftovers preferring to try a little bit of everything on their plates.

Fishetarian reminded me of getting seafood on the northeast coast where it’s particularly cold seemingly most of the year, and a bowl of hot clam chowder is irresistible. I thought it could be a great area to spend summers. That thought was only cemented when I saw the sign outside the door.


Just like Home-Sweet-Home Hawai’i!



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