Sweet Bread Sliders

Philly Cheesesteak Sweet Bread Sliders
Sweet bread was something I ate at nearly every potluck back home in Hawai’i. It was usually part of the build-your-own Kalua Pork sandwich. Packages of Kings Hawaiian Sweet Rolls piled up beside large trays full of Kalua Pork for you to load onto your plate and stuff into sweet bread, or if you preferred just eating it with rice, that was available, too.

Cuban-style Sweet Bread Sliders

I rediscovered it in France as Brioche. It tasted the same to me anyway, but it was definitely fresher in France. It was available for breakfast to spread the butter and confiture on; one of the many parts to my breakfast. I looked for it everywhere when I returned to the States and left Hawai’i. That was nearly 20 years ago; now, sweet bread is everywhere. Thank God!


I couldn’t find any strip streak or cut beef you might use in stir-fry, so I picked up this chopped beef, no slicing required!

I browned it together with the chopped shallots.

Using the same pan to help de-glaze it, I cooked the chopped peppers and then added them to the mix.

From the fridge to the microwave, the butter took only 30 seconds to melt.

The butter seeped nicely in between the rolls.

I couldn’t wait to try this!

Photo by M. Sandoval


I picked a “deli ham” without nitrates and junk.

And same with the cheese!

The pickles were a little trickier. Cuban food calls for dill pickles, from what I read, but since I wasn’t going to be using the entire jar, I picked some I knew my kids would snack on. These are large sandwich chips (meant for burgers) and the couple of slices that were leftover from a previously opened jar of pickles. The space without pickles is for me to taste this sandwich! I’ve been having a reaction to foods high in acid.

Top buns…

Butter, garlic, mustard mix.

I really liked how these came out! I never before had pickles on a hot sandwich that I could remember (except burgers). These were unexpectedly good! I would make these for a potluck! Crowd-pleaser, for sure.

Photo by M. Sandoval


Philly Cheesesteak: https://youtu.be/M2zhm_NQEBQ

Cuban Sliders: http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/cuban-sliders

For next time! https://youtu.be/uRU7d0WjC3A


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