Iron-Rich Chocolate Balls

A friend of mine who is a vegan asked me to help her bring up her blood iron. She wasn’t sure what to eat. Low blood iron is common for new vegans, especially women, but this is not the conversation I’m trying to start, so let’s switch gears…

I found this recipe while looking for iron-rich recipe ideas and had to try it. Five ingredients. Simple. It really is. I’ve tried this a handful of times, and the most difficult part for me is pressing the mix together to make balls. It just gets tedious…or you could call it a labor of love? This is where you could bring in your muscle; in my case, it would be my son, if only he wouldn’t eat half of the mix before pressing it all into balls. So I was stuck doing it myself. Theoretically, you could line a 9×13″ bake pan with plastic wrap (or if you can find a reusable silicone liner) and press the mix firmly into the bottom of the pan, but I tried that and it didn’t work. The heat from my hands seems to be what made the sticky figs bind all the ingredients together. I probably washed my hands six times during this recipe.

I would suggest dropping a couple tablespoons into a smoothie instead of making balls or, like I did with the last bit of mix that was to dry to press, sprinkle it over split dried dates…like a date-taco. Photo at the end!

Raw ingredients. Grind to a powder as much as possible.

Add pitted dates and cocoa. Five ingredients total!

Delicious-smelling crumbly goodness!

The result! These are addicting! I ate one but sadly, I’m allergic to sesame seeds, so I froze these to share later.

Second batch a couple months later. I was so tired (and probably in need of the iron boost that I didn’t even pay attention to if the nuts and seeds were ground before I added the cocoa and dates) that I only pulsed the mix a few times in the food processor before adding the final ingredients. I saw afterward that it was pretty chunky.

Chunky goodness formed into balls.

There was quite a bit of crumbs left that would not stick together, so I made date tacos! 😉

I used this recipe;

1 c cashews

1 c pumpkin seeds

1 c dates

1/4 c sesame seeds

1/4 c cocoa powder

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