About Me

August 4…That’s the day I returned, reluctantly, from France in 1998. My longing to return has never subsided just like my passion for gourmet food, cooking, reading, and traveling among other things. It has taken me this long to build up the confidence to share my thoughts (writing) with anyone other than what was required in a classroom. I believe your true passion is what you do without much effort and should be shared with the world (or at least your friends). There will always be someone who disagrees with you. Let’s not be haters…live for yourself. I write!



Mom, bibliophile, cook, writer, traveler, 26-year former military dependent, former teacher…learning is never done. Use What You Have.

From the site name cookingupuneecrivaine, une écrivaine is French for writer (not to be confused with author). I love cooking, I love writing! I would love to publish a novel soon, but for now, please enjoy my take on these recipes!

My first memory of cooking is at the age of nine or ten when my dad showed me how to make my own scrambled eggs. I had been helping in the kitchen long before that. Stuffing wonton wrappers with my mom, rolling spring rolls, making rice, pressing fork tines on peanut butter balls into a weave pattern to make cookies were just a few things I can recall. I’ve always had a passion for cooking.

My dad retired from the U.S. Air Force after 20 years of service and over a decade of extended service overseas where we lived for the majority of my childhood. Although, we were nowhere near family, it was a sacrifice my parents made for the military and a means to save money and ensure my brother and I were able to go to college.

I went into college over 20 years ago intending to become a Dietician. I still love the subject matter, but back then, I would have had to pass organic chemistry and I was already struggling with intro chemistry lectures. I did well in food science and nutrition classes as well as language, so ended up changing my major to French to graduate on time. I always said I could go back and finish the degree in Dietetics which could still happen!

After some life happened, some more traveling, and then working in a job for three years that I was overqualified for, I went back to school and completed a Master’s degree in education. I taught for nearly ten years during which time I remarried, had two amazing children, quit teaching to stay home with the kids, and then divorced.

I have been to five other countries including Okinawa and Taiwan and all of the U.S. states except those in New England, New York, and New Jersey.

I am currently doing what I love at home with a wonderful man to support everything about me. I’m loving life!


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