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Gingerbread Oatmeal

With the holidays in mind, I thought the kids might enjoy this for breakfast while they were waiting for me to wake up, so they could open Christmas presents. Well, I didn’t get to making this–the store was completely sold out of molasses, go figure. I didn’t give up.

Here is it put together a week later, and the bulk of the finished recipe was frozen for future consumption.

The oatmeal, spices, salt, and molasses together remind me of a dessert with chocolate drizzle!

Because I did not have steel-cut oats as the recipe suggests and used old-fashioned oats, I cut the water in half and had the rest of it ready to add as I checked on the oatmeal after an hour. It was looking pretty good, but still had a couple hours to go, so I added two more cups of water.

The spices are beautifully mingling together waiting to be added to the pot.

The results were a little watery, a little too heavy on clove for me as well as unsweetened. I recommend only using no more than five cups of water if you used old-fashion oats like I did and adding milk and your favorite sweetener when the oatmeal is ready to eat.

Crock-Pot French Toast

Here it is with a couple tabs of butter!

You know how the grocery store makes fresh baked bread usually French bread which they put out at the end of the day or the next day on a Reduced Price rack? That bread is perfect for French Toast!…or croutons, depending on what your cooking.

This is too complicated for me. Leave it in the fridge overnight? French Toast is very simple once you get the jist of it. The bread needs to be relatively saturated in the egg-milk wash, and the wash should be seasoned with cinnamon at the very least. I never add sugar to my French toast but I highly recommend it for compote, so…I’m forgoing the recipe’s overnight soak and adding half of the listed sugar.

I made sure to drizzle milk over each piece of bread and then did my best with that following with the eggs.

In an effort not to make extra work for myself by dirtying more dishes, I measured the milk in a measuring cup, added the vanilla extract to that, swirled it around and poured it over the bread. I added the eggs separately using the same measuring cup, cracking the eggs into it and then whisking them with the salt. I don’t like to crack open eggs into that much liquid I may not be able to replace in the case of finding a bad egg. I made that mistake a long time ago, 20 years maybe. Not something you forget!

Crock Pot Blueberry French Toast

Fruit Compote

Great for pancakes, great for cheesecake! This is so simple if you have the time. Three ingredients and 20 minutes later gives you a great topping for breakfast or dessert that stores well sealed for several days in the refrigerator. You could also serve it warm with crumbled graham crackers and whipped cream.

Blueberry is my favorite, but I prefer strawberry on my waffles with some whipped cream. The real stuff, nothing homogenized. I bought this little cheesecake from the store, I think because I had a coupon. It was plain, so I thought about what I was going to serve it with not have planned previously to get it. Blueberry Cheesecake came to mind which was my favorite ice cream in high school (I don’t remember having anything before that besides chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla; I also like Pralines and Creme, then I liked Mint Chocolate Chip, now I like Vanilla Bean with yellow cake and caramel—bad, I know!).

Start with fresh berries. Here’s some strawberries…chop them up into a pan (this was about three cups), a heaping 1/4 cup of sugar, and a teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Strawberries are full of water which they will release, enough to make a syrup.

Mix together on medium-high and cook until reduced, about 30 minutes. Let cool. Strain liquid into clean container and add sliced, fresh strawberries, if preferred.

Simple Fried Eggs

fried eggs

There’s really no excuse for fast food in the morning for me unless I’m going out of town AND I need to go to the store for eggs. I’ve made eggs for breakfast every morning since I was pregnant. I didn’t know it then but I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Eggs were the only thing I could keep down in the morning…for seven and a half months. The rest of the day was another story!

Plain omelet, fried eggs, sunny-side up, scrambled…all relatively simple. For fried eggs, start with two eggs, crack them open into your heated (medium-high) pan that is coated with olive oil, breaking the yolks; I usually drag the edge of the shell across them if they didn’t break on their own. Add salt and pepper to taste.

If you wait until you’re done cooking to add salt and pepper (the reason some people have salt and pepper shakers on their dining table), you’re going to have to put up with the gritty feel between your teeth of the salt and possible sneezing fit from the pepper. I’ve watched cooking shows since I was little, religiously when I was in high school and college over 20 years ago. The chefs always add salt and pepper while cooking. If I remember correctly, it’s to “enhance the food’s natural flavor.” I never used to season my food with salt hoping to avoid hypertension later in life, but it turns out I have low blood pressure, so I definitely keep to proper (according to the chefs’ recommendations) seasoning now!

Like pancakes, flip the eggs when the edges dry out. The eggs are done when there is no wet/jiggly parts left. I have bacon on the side which cooks marvelously on one of those microwave bacon plates, one minute per slice for perfectly crisp bacon. The spinach was wilted in olive oil after heating the minced garlic and shallots. This leaves a nice flavor in the pan to cook the eggs.

I recommend cooking the bacon first, then the spinach, and finally the eggs. The bacon needs a little time to cool off; the spinach cooks quickly, and the eggs get cold easily.

Try this and tell me what you think!

Cherry-Orange Oatmeal

IMG_7001For those lazy weekends when you want to wake up to a hot breakfast, this recipe is easy to throw together and forget about until you wake up to the smell of hot cocoa filling your kitchen. This is another one of those recipes where we usually have all of the ingredients already in the pantry. If not, blueberries and/or bananas will substitute nicely in this one. You can play around with it a little; just think about your favorite chocolate covered fruit and try that fruit with this oatmeal. Tell me how it turns out!

IMG_70034 cups water

2 cups old-fashioned oats

4tablespoons sugar substitute

2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder

2 cups fresh pitted cherries or frozen dark sweet cherries

2 cans (11 ounces each) mandarin orange segments in syrup, drained and rinsed

Combine first four ingredients in Crock-Pot, cover, cook on Low for 8 hours. Divide evenly and top with cherries and orange segments.

In my attempt at this recipe, there was a little bit of burned oatmeal stuck to the bottom of the Crock-Pot which I had to end up soaking and using a rubber spatula to scrape out later.   So to keep it a “lazy weekend” recipe, I would suggest using a cheat such as cooking spray, plastic wrap, or aluminum foil to line the Crock-Pot; something you’re comfortable with using or recommended for your slow-cooker.

This recipe is from the Crock-Pot Slow Cooker Recipes binder we found at Costco. I love it! We have found several recipes in there that have become part of our regular monthly menu.

Peanut Butter Overnight Oats

I stumbled across this recipe one day while looking for a particular recipe I had seen for overnight refrigerator oats. The overnight oats phenomenon seemed to have quieted down and while I had tried a couple recipes, apple-cinnamon oatmeal and vanilla-banana (or something like that), I thought I’d give it another shot as well as having my man try some out.

I never found the original post I was looking for, but am thankful for this discovery as it’s Mike’s new favorite office breakfast/snack! I have the Apple Pie outcome on a previous post and while it was good, we were amazed out how delicious the peanut butter recipe is (I, personally, leave out the chia seeds–can’t deal with the slim and digging them out of my teeth)!

This recipe is relatively easy to put together and I prefer to prepare them for the week to minimize the mess. The key is to have the containers lined up. We use two-cup storage bowls putting two servings in each. That’s going to get you through most mornings! I fill the containers with the dry ingredients and only add the syrup and soy milk the night before. The peanut butter is shamefully messy when I’m measuring it. You could probably eyeball the two tablespoons per serving, but I’m in the habit of using the measuring spoon.

Here’s the gang all set for a night in the fridge!


Top it off with your favorite fruit (here we have dried strawberries; Mike’s favorite is sliced bananas–yum!) and you have a very sophisticated PB&J!

Here’s the recipe I tried out:

Peanut Butter Overnight Oats

Apple Pie Overnight Oats

There’s got to be something as easy as instant oatmeal that you can make fresh, right? Yes! This is too easy, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s faster overall than pulling over on the way to work and waiting in line at a drive-thru for one of their breakfasts. Recipes can sometimes be intimidating, but I find that once you have worked through them the first time, you can’t really deny how quickly you can throw them together again, especially once you’ve tasted the finished product!

Some of these you can use for other recipes; it’s great having them in the pantry all the time to quickly throw something together!


Ready for the fridge!
Top with some chopped nuts when ready to eat!

Take some common pantry items and see what you can do! Here’s everything put together in a portable storage container you can take to school or the office or eat before you leave home in the morning.



I made more than one container divided into portions. Overnight oats left more than 48 hours should probably be thrown out. I prefer to portion out the dry ingredients into containers for the week and then add the wet ingredients the night before. Here, I would add the syrup and milk as wet ingredients or risk it not mixing evenly or the oats become mushy.

Crispy apples, pecans, and cinnamon sprinkled oatmeal!

Here’s the recipe I’ve adapted to make sugar-free:

Apple Pie Overnight Oats

I’m going to start posting reviews. I recently read this book to my kids only letting them watch the movie once we were done. I believe this way, there’s less anxiety and they know the ending, so anything “scary” they might see, we have already talked about. //