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French Dip Sandwich

I had high expectations for this recipe having tried the French Dip sandwich from the Shady Lady in Sacramento. They have a mushroom au jus (hope I’m not giving away secrets!) and the sandwich itself has a touch of wasabi which is perfectly complementary to the au jus, not to mention the meat is tender, juicy, and divine!

So I admit, you really have to start with a great piece of meat which I unfortunately did not. I like to “use what I have” and this was the closest cut of meat available. Slow-cooking it is essential, but here, it wasn’t enough. The meat was still tough and chewy even though the flavor was good.

If I had a deli slicer, I would have shaved this meat before letting it sit in the pot.

The marbling is okay, but it needed more time in the heat.

It looked like it had potential, and I’m sure it did…just not enough for my patience or time.