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Mee Hoon

You may know this dish as pancit. Depends on what kind of restaurant you visit or where you’re from. It’s difficult memorizing the names of all the foreign dishes you like unless you eat out a lot…or you cook them yourself. I honestly didn’t even know the name of this dish until I was an adult trying to duplicate something my mom had cooked on occasion while I was growing up. I had to ask her, describing it as best I could not knowing the name of mushrooms she used but only how they crunched in my mouth; the noodles by how she prepped them before cooking.

It doesn’t have the exact same flavor as my mom’s cooking it myself, but I’m able to leave out the ingredients I didn’t like, especially onions, and replace them with shallots while choosing other vegetables I like.

This time I used Napa cabbage, shredded carrots, and shallots…

Also, rice noodles and frozen shrimp whereas traditionally, you use dried shrimp.

Having a variety of colors adds to the culinary experience.

Here’s some of the prep: soaking the noodles, chopping the shallots, washing/drying the cabbage. Similarly to https://cookingupuneecrivaine.wordpress.com/2017/03/29/classic-fried-rice/ , you make sure everything that needs to be cooked is cooked and then combine everything, including sauce, to heat through. Very simple.



Garlic Butter Shrimp Pasta


This recipe went so quickly. I used angel hair pasta. The pasta cooked in less than five minutes, so everything else needed to be ready then or the pasta would dry out! Needless to say, I didn’t have time to photograph the steps.

Update! Captured a couple more photos on the repeat using linguini…

While the water for the pasta was heating up, I warmed the oil, added the garlic and red pepper, lemon juice, and then butter. Since I used cooked shrimp, they needed warmed and to have flavor, I wanted to let them sit in the butter sauce for a couple minutes on each side but then I realized I forgot to remove the tail shells!

The pasta went into the boiling water. I’m stressing at this point because the shrimp doesn’t need any more cooking as it is, and my pasta only takes five minutes before I have to drain it, so everything needs to come together as soon as the pasta is done or it will end up being a cold dinner; either the pasta will cool off and dry up (I do put salt and olive oil in my pasta water) before you finish the sauce or the shrimp will be cold while you wait for the pasta to cool (I added the spinach to the cooked/drained pasta to wilt). The butter will burn, the shrimp will overcook, and the pasta will dry out if you get distracted.

Using my tongs, I pulled the shrimp back out of the pan and peeled them before they became too hot to touch. I sifted through the sauce looking for pieces of shell that I thought had been rinsed off when defrosting the shrimp but may have gotten stuck in the sieve. The sauce was very hot at this point, so I swirled it around a little with the shrimp in it and then stirred it in with the pasta. It worked out it in end, but that’s what I get for trying to speed it up and not following the recipe as is which I recommend for the first time you try this one!

Do try it. It’s a little spicy from the red pepper, but it’s that warm, hearty, spicy flavor; not the I-need-a-glass-of-milk-right-now spicy! The lemon and butter are proportioned just right to give this dish the right flavor but neither stands out. It has more butter than other recipes but with the full pound of pasta, seems light; filling but not heavy…and I love spinach! This is a new favorite.


Try it yourself and tell me what you think or if you substituted anything. Here’s the link: